Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Risk Factors of Mental Illness

This is the discussion we should be having instead of talking about Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin.  There are no easy answers to these problems, but we need to start asking the questions and changing our laws to get help to the families that have a mentally ill person who is so ill that they don't realize that they need medical intervention. 


The_Kid said...

Since the ACLU closed down the mental institutions and put the insane on the street, mainly as Homeless people, the environment for helping those with mental problems has devolved to about zero.
I had a friend relay a story to me about some folks he knew that had a kid over 18 who had mental problems.
Between HIPPA, and the fact that he was over 18, he was released to a 'halfway house', instead of being taken to his parents. And they couldn't tell him which one they took him to. Short story devoid of detail I know, but essentially this is the jist of it. The parents have no idea where he's at.

Just a conservative girl said...

it is much better for us to treat these people before they end up in trouble. But, like you said the ACLU has made that almost impossible.

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