Wednesday, June 30, 2010

DOJ Whistler Blower with Megyn Kelly

I have blogged about this on numerous occassions.  Eric Holder should be fired.  The hypocrisy of Holder saying that we are cowards when it comes to race and for him to drop the charges against The New Black Panther Party when the evidence is clear that voter intimidation took place in Philadelphia is stunning.  Eric Holder Must Go!!!

See here, here, and here

This is long, but worth every minute. 


LL said...

If Holder didn't dismiss the case, he'd be seen as a traitor to his race.

Just a conservative girl said...

Well if true, that is a sad commentary. Discrimination is discrimation is discrimination. If one person is made to feel that they can't vote, it hurts us all. What color they are is of no matter.

Teresa said...

Holder is a racist and must be fired.

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