Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Loretta King Sanctioned Again - Holder's Justice Department Far Left Ideology

Loretta King, a member of Holder's Justice Department, has been sanctioned again. The DOJ attorney has been personally fined for the department's lack of responsiveness to members of congress, among others, to inquiries into the dropping of charges against the New Black Panther Party. This case involves voter intimidation issues on Election Day, when cameras caught members of the New Black Panther Party holding jimmy clubs while standing outside a polling place in Philadelphia during the election of President Obama.

This is at least the second time that Ms. King has been sanctioned by the court. The first case involved "unconstitutional race-based districting". In this case, we the taxpayers, paid more than a half million dollars in fees. The federal court found her team "surprisingly blind to its own impropriety"

Ms. King was also involved in the recent case in Kinston, NC to overrule the voters’ wishes to forgo party affiliation to be listed on all local ballots. The DOJ put its nose into a local matter that was fairly settled by the voters of that community. Apparently, if democrats were not properly identified on the ballots, people of color voting rights were in jeopardy. Another word, people of color are stupid to know who to vote for unless they are able to see the D at the end of the name.

One of the most interesting things in this is the judge who came to this decision, a former counselor for the ACLU; hardly a right-wing ideologue. Members of congress, among others, are pushing the DOJ for the paperwork that show how the decision was made to drop the charges against the panthers. Holder's DOJ has been dragging its heels and refusing to turn over the paperwork, which is by all accounts, not subject to privilege.

Loretta King has a record of using her position in government to promote her far left views, and her own version of racial equality. A version that always falls on the side of the person of color, regardless of the law says. It is time that President Obama and Attorney General Holder put the law first, because this woman obviously does not.


Fredd said...

This disgrace of a woman is a shining example of the immutable fact that elections matter.

We put Obama into office, and accordingly he can legally appoint every Marxist, Communist, Socialist and 'whatever-sit' he wants to high public office. Once appointed, these nutbags can do whatever damage they want without consequences, to a point.

AG Eric Holder is every bit as radical and racist as this bigot, and there is not much we can do about it right now. In Novemeber, however, watch out...

Fredd said...

PS> that's 'whatever-IST', you know what I mean.

Just a conservative girl said...

Actually she is not an appointee. She is a career employee.

Anonymous said...

It is far worse than you report. Loretta King has said awful things about race:


Anonymous said...

fShe is a political appointee in the sense that when the opening for her position occurred, she was appointed by the Obama administration to THAT position (way above the position she had been in, according to records). She had been, before the promotion, a career employee.

Just finished reading all the appropraite docs (on the NBBP case) online. Amazing.

And this followed another case where the same attorney who testified was harrassed for pursuing another suit regarding anti-white discrimination (under Bush). It involved a Mississippi county and black corruption in the voter's office.

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