Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ben Nelson, Omaha Steaks & Boycotts

The guys over at Hillbuzz asked the question if you could committ to making Ben Nelson's life a living a hell over the next month.  The readership replied with vigor.  A list of his top contributors has been posted, and the anti-obamacare activists got to work. 

Omaha Steaks is one of Ben Nelson's largest contributors.  A person who actually is an active customer of Omaha Steaks sent an email to the customer service department and here is the response:

Dear Ms. (deleted),

We received your e-mail and reviewed your concerns. We understand that healthcare reform is of great concern to all Americans. We are confident, however, that boycotting Nebraska companies is not the answer to resolving the issues within the proposed legislation. Boycotting companies results in lost jobs and accomplishes nothing except to potentially hurt employees – fellow Americans like you – who rely on their jobs to provide for their families.


Julie Davis
Customer Care Representative

OMG - can you believe that a company would be so arrogant to reply in this manner?  They will lay off employees before cutting ties with a politican?  What exactly does Senator Nelson do for them that they would be more loyal to him than to their customer base? 
This is what we are up against.  A system that is so corrupted that it is almost impossible to change it. 
The biggest irony of this story is the address of Omaha Steaks:
Omaha Steaks
10909 John Galt Blvd
P.O. Box 3300
Omaha, NE 68103
That's Right - John Galt Boulevard - God really does have a sense of humor. 
If you have not been over to Hillbuzz, you need to go and check them out.  While conservatives may think that they have nothing in common with gay Hillary supporters, you will find that just isn't the case.  It is a great site that is working very hard to keep Obamanation's socialist policies from taking hold. 


The Conservative Lady said...

Holy Cow...we order from Omaha Steaks during the holidays as gifts and for ourselves. This is depressing. I wonder if the owners of Omaha Steaks know about the response Ms. Davis supplied to one of their active customers. There may be an opening for a Customer Care Representative soon. Even if the owners are liberals, I can't imagine they would offend a customer with such a response...but then again, with liberals you never know.

Just a conservative girl said...

Why don't you call them yourself to see what they say? If you just ordered from them recently, your call will have much more weight then mine. Although, they probably have my info as well. There is a store locally and I do shop there at this time of year as well. I always shop there for New Years Eve dinner.

I was amazed when I read that.

Truth Teller said...

I like Omaha Steak. For awhile, theirs were the only meat I was eating but they are too expensive. As I was driving home thursday, I was going to stop by their store. They had a sale on. I didn't. Glad I didn't.

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