Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ed Koch Speaking Out, White House Calls to Complain

Former Mayor of New York, Ed Koch has been speaking out on President Obama's handling of the knickerbomber.  After making these statements he received a call from the White House to tell him he is being too hard on the President. 

This White House is the biggest bunch of babies and whine bags that I have ever seen.  It is time that they suck it up.  Criticism is part and parcel of the job.  If you didn't want people to criticize you, you shouldn't have run for the office.

Get a back bone. He is an American and has the right to speak his mind against his government. Last time I checked we still have a constitution. 

Koch would not say who he got the phone call from.  I smell a dead fish, what about you? 


The Conservative Lady said...

I heard Ed Koch talking about this to Neil Cavuto today. He wouldn't mention who called him, but I think there's a little dead fishy smell in the air, too.

Opus #6 said...

They say house guests and fish start to stink after 3 days.

It has been about a year and I can't stand the aroma coming out of the White House.

Probably that cloying smell is why Rahm can't get any work nowadays as a ballerina.

Fredd said...

Just great. And Dead Fish Emanuel is considering running for mayor of Chicago. Just what we need.

Why not just dig up Al Capone, prop up his body in the mayor's office, and start looking for some henchmen to run Chicago?

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