Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ok, I understand why Al is not mad at Harry. Harry wasn't insulting negros, he was insulting me.

The more that I have thought about Harry Reid's statement, the more I realized that he wasn't saying anything about blacks. President Obama was right to accept his apology. What Harry Reid was really saying is that President Obama was "white" enough to be palpable to average white voter.

His skin color wasn't so dark that he would look like he came off the boat from Africa, he was well educated, and he could give a good speech, and didn't talk like he came from the ghetto. All the things that white people in this country would need to find it within themselves to vote for a black man.

After all, we wouldn’t ever vote for someone who spoke "negro". That is a language that me as a person can't understand!!

Now, it is pretty obvious that I didn't vote for the president. So, I guess I don't fall into his theory. After all, according to President Carter, Janeane Garafalo, Keith Olbermann and many others it I am just an up and up racist, but for the rest of whites who did, this was the man who could get the white vote.

Now, shouldn't the President and the Democratic Party be upset that he is insulting white people in this way? President Obama's statement in 2002 about Trent Lott told a very different story:

"The Republican Party itself has to drive out Trent Lott. If they have to stand for something, they have to stand up and say this is not the person we want representing our party."

So, don't worry President Obama and Rev. Al, I understand why you accepted his apology. His comments were not directed at you.


Opus #6 said...

This makes sense now that you explain it.

Sparky said...

The Dem's are such racists and liars! It's sickening, isn't it!?

Elizabeth said...

That's a really interesting way to look at Reid's comments. I think he was saying something about his perception of American voters. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be keeping up with yours. Even though, I'm a lefty, I enjoy the alternate point of view.

Just a conservative girl said...

The majority of American voters are white. That is not a racist statement, but a fact. Minorities vote in much smaller numbers. So he was saying something about white people.

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