Thursday, January 7, 2010

Al Gore Blowing Hot Air - The Frozen Gore

A 2 ton sculpture has been erected outside a liquor store in Fairbanks, Alaska.  The two businessman that had the sculpture made have been trying to get Vice President Gore to come to Alaska for a debate on man-made global warming. 

This is the second year that a sculpture has been put up.  Last year, Al Gore's people said that scheduling prevented him from coming; although a date had never been listed in the request. 

This year the sculpture is hooked up to an exhaust pipe that makes the statue look like it is blowing out hot air.  While Craig Compeau and Rudy Gavora believe that there are climate changes occuring, they question if they are indeed man-made and are questioning Al Gore's financial motives behind his theory.  Al Gore is in a position to become a billionaire with his investments in green technology.  They are also questioning the claims that polar bears numbers are dwindling, as the data now shows that the populations are increasing world wide as well Alaska. 


DeAnna said...

Great post. Gives people something to think about.

Lone Wolf said...

The Global warming hoaxers aren't deterred by the record-breaking cold weather gripping the entire Northern Hemisphere. No..there claiming that this cold weather is "linked to unusual atmospheric patterns caused by global warming"

Think I'm joking?

see here

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