Monday, January 18, 2010

Mr. President is that all you got? Coakley, Obama, and Bush Bashing

Mighty Mouse Obama went up to Boston yesterday to help out the floundering Coakley campaign.  During his brief time there he went to his fall back position of Blame Bush.  Hasn't that gotten old yet, Mr. President?  I certainly think it has. 

The congress has been in democratic control since 2006 and you have been in office for almost a year.  It is time that you start taking responsibility for the decisions that you and your ilk have been making.  Is it President Bush's fault that the so-called healthcare reform is wildly unpopular?  Is is Bush's fault that you are going to double the national debt in one year?  Is it Bush's fault that your wasteful spending has not helped the economy?  Is it Bush's fault that people are sick of the bailout mentality?  Is it Bush's fault that Pelosi and Reed are writing bribery into legislation in order to pass the far left agenda?  I think not. 

Oh, and by the way - I don't think it was such a good idea to insult people who drive GM trucks........especially since we the tax payers own it. 

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Anonymous said...

"Mighty Mouse" (rofl). Iam sick to death of his blame Bush strategy. He's trying to play off of Bush's unpopularity when having left office. Obama just needs to come out of lala land, and realize he's the president now. He won the election. And if anything he didn't help Coakely, he hurt her. All he did was go on the attack of Scott Brown. During the campaign he was so noble, and said he was going to be above the frey, but oh how times they are a changing. I guess we are seeing his true colors now that his policies are failing, and his numbers are plumeting. Tammy

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