Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Coakley Campaign Pushing Back With a Little Help from the DSCC

Last night senate candidate Martha Coakley held an expensive fundraising dinner at Sonoma's (one of my faves btw) in Washington DC. The fundraiser was attended by what else but lobbyists. Coakley was asked by Fox News what she was doing in Washington and told Griff Jenkins that she was there for a pre-planned "Unity" event.

John McCormack from The Weekly Standard was asking why she was holding a fundraiser with healthcare industry interests. He also was trying to get some clarification on her statement in Monday’s night debate that there are no longer any terrorists in Afghanistan. The reporter was giving her a chance to step back from a stupid comment. If there no more terrorists in Afghanistan who is that is killing our serviceman there? Who killed those CIA agents?

Coakley was not all that interested in answering any questions from him. The reporter was doing what reporters do, and followed her trying to get his questions answered. While asking his questions he was then pushed into a metal railing and fell to the ground. Unfortunately for the campaign there are pictures and video of the event. The AP was able to get a good shot of the man with Coakley helping the reporter up.

It seems that this man is none other than Michael Meehan, who was loaned out to the campaign from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Nice, the DSCC is now pushing reporters to the ground for having the audacity to ask a candidate for statewide office a question. How dare he?

The Weekly Standard has been unable to confirm that the man who pushed him is indeed Michael Meehan; below are some pictures. You can decide for yourselves if it is the same man. Looks like him to me.

AP Photo taken of man helping up the reporter.  The Coakley campaign is saying that they don't know who the man is. Doesn't it seem a little bizarre that the campaign doesn't know who the man is and he is this close to her?

Picture of Michael Meehan

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