Monday, January 4, 2010

Hillary, Hillary, Wherefor Art Thou, Hillary

10 days have passed since the underwear bomber failed at his attempt to kill 300 people on Christmas day. We have not heard from Sec. Clinton as of yet. Hillary is the head of the state department, the ones that gives out visas.

While I certainly don't think that Hillary is sitting around going through paperwork for visa applications, but it is her department that didn't rescind Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab's visa. It is her department that was first notified by the young man's father. Hilary needs to come out from wherever she happens to be and fes' up to what is going on.  The American people are waiting.  This is her department and ultimately she is responsible for the failures of it.


Fredd said...

Good question; just exactly where the heck IS our Sec. of State? Baking cookies?

(see my post wondering just the same thing,

The answer, of course, is that Hillary was offered the Sec. of State gig to get her off of Barack's back, and shuffle her into a position that Obama can render irrelevant with the appointment of his gaggle of Czars.

Like Lyndon Johnson said of the Vice Presidency when he served under JFK, his office 'wasn't worth a bucket of warm spit.' Ditto with Hillary's gig now.

Truth Teller said...

Hillary is too busy so the next day or so she sent out a spokesman.

One of the reporter got so mad with the non-answers that he said the spokesman better give information else the Hammer of GOD would come down on his head.

hometown guy said...

"wherefore" actually means "why," not "where." that is all :-)

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