Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fourth of July -Person on the Street & People Aren't So Swift

Wow, our public school system really sucks.  I really do hope that this was faked. 

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Anonymous said...

The video probably wasn't faked. I'm English and I lived in the USA for a couple of years. I was asked so many times "Why do you speak American in England?". One time was just before July 4th weekend and I answered "Well who do you think you gained your independence from?" Answer ...... "Um, native Americans?". Whenever I said I came from England I got some weird replies - the best/funniest were "Oh yes I've been to Sydney ...... it must be great having all those kangaroos hopping about" (!!!!!) and "it must be good for you to be free now, not being told what to do by the Queen"(!!!!!!) ...... :o( :S

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