Saturday, June 5, 2010

From the You Can't Make This Up Files - Adult Breast Feeding in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia there are very strict rules about men and women "mixing" with each other when they are not relatives.  You can be lashed and jailed if you are caught with someone you are not related to.  I guess they have decided to try and make things a little easier for people, so they have issued a Fatwa.

The solution that they have come up with is "Adult Breast Feeding".  Apparently if you breast feed someone you are somehow related to them and the desire to have sex with them disappears. 

The argument now is how exactly the man gets the breast milk.  One cleric wants it pumped into a glass for the man to drink, the other thinks he suckle the woman's breast. 

I am so glad that I don't live there...........


Opus #6 said...

It doesn't matter what laws/rules they have for women who are chattel, er, I mean cattle.

The Conservative Lady said...

Beyond belief.

LL said...

I support men and women working together anywhere in the world...and I've never considered that "nursing" from every woman you work with would somehow square it with Allah. As a male pig, I have to say that this is right up there with the 70 virgins and 4 wives + unlimited concubines in terms of a popular doctrine. It's time to convert to Islam and put all women under tents, except when we men need to nurse to satisfy Allah's commands.

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