Thursday, June 3, 2010

Actions Speak Louder than Words - Hamas Turns Away Aid From Flotilla is reporting that Hamas has turned away the aid that was delivered by flotilla earlier this week.  This truly speaks volumes.  Hamas is really not interested in helping the people of Gaza.  Hamas' true goal is the destruction of Israel; plain and simple. 

Hamas is saying they are turning it down because Israel is not giving them everything.  There doesn't seem to be any reports to confirm or deny this charge, but even if Israel has not finished inspecting everything and was turning over what it did inspect how does that change the needs of the people living there? 

I am sure they were people who were doing nothing more than trying to help people in need on those ships.  People who rightly believe that the people of Gaza are living in a hellhole and need humanitarian assistance.  The unemployment rate in Gaza is over 40% and the vast majority of people who live there are completely dependant upon aid that is given from different sources around the world.  It is a horrible way to live. 

That being said, Hamas is one of the main reasons that they live that way.  One of the ways that organization such as Hamas and Hezbollah operate is to make the people feel that they are on their side.  They put bomb making factories in heavily populated areas to provoke Israel to destroy those buildings and then go to the people who are now homeless and continue to blame Israel for the their fates.  Look what those dirty Jews did to your home, you don't a job because the Zionists and their American benefactors.  Until this narrative changes, peace is not possible.

The Gaza citizens need to be freed alright, they need to be freed from the grips of Hamas who don't have the best interests of the people at heart. 

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