Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chris "Two Stones" Christie on School Choice

Chris Christie, the new Governor of New Jersey, is willing to speak truth to power, and everyone else for that matter.  That is the reason that Cliff over at Another Black Conservative has nicknamed him "Two Stones".  Cliff is lucky enough to be reaping the benefits that will come from Christie's policies.  He is a no nonsense guy who is cutting the budget and doing his very best to improve the horrific and failing school systems that keep inner city children in clutches of public assistance. 

Unions should not have more say in our children's education than parents do. 

Oh, Cliff is not willing to share the governor with the rest of us in 12.  Although I guess with New Jersey's out of control tax and spend policies, who can blame him? 

Christie speaks in Washington DC, calling Newark schools 'absolutely disgraceful'

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