Friday, June 25, 2010

Mr. President, Why Don't You Want to Help the Poor?

So who is that really doesn't want the poor and needy in DC to succeed?  I would say the evidence can hardly be denied that would be the democrats.  The Department of Education has released a report on the school voucher program in the District has been very successful. 

“…students who were randomly selected to receive vouchers had an 82% graduation rate. That’s 12 percentage points higher than the students who didn’t receive vouchers. Students who actually used their vouchers had graduation rates that were 21% higher. Even better, the subgroup of students who received vouchers and came from designated Schools in Need of Improvement (SINI schools) had graduation rates that were 13 percentage points higher than the same subgroup of students who weren’t offered vouchers–and the effect was 20 percentage points higher for the SINI students who used their vouchers!”

This has been the most successful government educational program in history.  So, what did congress and Uncle Obammy do?  They stopped funding the program.  That's right, no more educational opportunities for you.  This is nothing more than a payback to the unions that stuff millions upon millions into the coffers of the democratic party and did the same for the election of President Barack Obama.  The first black president, who went to private schools, denying the minority children of Washington, DC the same educational opportunities that he is giving his own daughters.  Two students from this program attend the same school as Malia and Sasha. 

The same Uncle Obammy that is more willing to say that building bridges for turtles is economic stimulus.  You want real economic stimulus, then education our young.  Especially the ones that are coming from strained economic backgrounds.  These kids will go onto college and lift their families out of poverty.  What can be more better for our economy than that? 

This program has been cut off effective at the end of this coming school year.  That means that parents that have younger children will have to send those children to the crummy schools while the older child will be able to go a better and safer school.  That is decision that no parent should have to make.  How do they explain to the younger child that they are not meaningful enough to go to the a better school? 

Sorry, Bobby, I wanted to send you to a good school, but Pelosi and Obama cut off the funds.  Just be careful while you are walking through the slums and stay away from anyone who has a gun. 

That may seem like an exaggeration, but it really isn't.  Some of these children live in horrible neighborhoods that I would never walk around in on my own.  I have gotten lost in bad sections of DC and have been very scared.  Gang violence is the norm in these neighborhoods.  That is just the reality. 

Another very interesting development to this program is how the public schools reacted: 

  • 28% made changes to retain students.
  • 24% encouraged more parental involvement in school
  • 22% added parent orientation programs
  • 21% did building improvements
  • 20% did advertising to public
  • 20% added tutoring and programs designed to help children improve achievement
  • 17% made additional provisions to improve school safety
  • 15% made adjustments to disciplinary issues within the school
  • 14% added more achievement orientated classes i.e. computer technology
  • 8% altered class sizes

Hmm, sounds to me like free market competition helped improve the public schools. 

This program has the potential to change lives of low income people.  It should have been continued.  Especially when you consider it more expensive to send a DC student to the public school than to give the voucher.  If you want to donate to this wonderful program please go here.


Kristin said...

Two words:

Teachers Unions

Just a conservative girl said...

You got that right Kristin. I just don't get how people who live in these poor areas of the country don't see for themselves that the dems are more worried about the unions than they are about them. What is going to take for them to see it?

Bob Qat said...

Also two words.

Excellent article.

Sparky said...

More two words:

Well written!

Just a conservative girl said...

Thanks Sparky and Bob. I appreciate the compliments. This is an issue that I am very passionate about. Every child in this country needs to have a good education. It is not their fault that the unions and the government have gotten into bed with each other.

I give money to this organization and I tell all people that live locally about them, and I hope that at least one of them have given some money as well.

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