Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Portrait of a Jack Ass - Congressman Pete Stark

Here are some of his greatest hits

The more you owe the wealthier you are?  I guess I should go out and spend money I don't have today, then I will be rich.

Who ever is running against this guy needs to be added to Ten Bucks Friday.


Christopher said...

Jackass is the perfect definition for this POS but I would sooner knock him on his ass than to ask a question of him!

Anonymous said...

he was my congressman years ago when i was a young engineer renting a townhouse in his district (on the edges of silicon valley) and he's always been a jack ass. his district is gerrymandered so that he'll be elected for life. he's not a democrat either, he's a full-blown pinko commie. i hate that guy.

Anonymous said...

Stark is scum and so is anybody who ever voted for this piece of S***.

na4665 said...

The rumor that his behavior is an attempt to distract his constituents from his being gay and afraid to come out is probably not true. If it is true it's probably because he is ashamed of his real self.

na4665 said...

He is a miscreant who needs to be "extracted" by hook or by crook since the vote doesn't seem to work. He's wasting valuable real estate on the Congressional floor. He needs to be invited to go live among his brothers in North Korea.

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