Friday, June 11, 2010

The Bizarre Candidacy of Alvin Greene

I am sure by now that you have heard this story, Alvin Greene is the nominee for the senate in South Carolina.  He will be running against Jim DeMint. 

This man had no website, didn't really campaign, never filed anything with the FEC about his fundraising activities.  He lives with his parents, doesn't have a job, has a cloudy military record, and is facing felony charges for showing a college student pornographic material.  It is very strange indeed.  So strange that Jim Clyburn is asking for an investigation on how he won the nomination, and is asking him to drop out of the race. 

I think the question we should be asking is exactly how bad was his opponent? 

Although with all the nonsense that has been going on in South Carolina of late, maybe it isn't so bizarre. 


Anonymous said...

As I listen to the interview and his pauses it becomes clear to me he is lying about a few things. He should be easy to beat.

Just a conservative girl said...

He has no chance against DeMint, nor did anyone else in the race for that matter.

It is just very odd that people voted for this man. It really says quite a bit about how people in this country vote. Sadly, none of it good.

The Conservative Lady said...

I heard on the radio today that some people think he's a Republican plant.

Just a conservative girl said...

For the sake of agrument lets say he is, people still had to vote for him.

I don't know how it works in SC, but here in Virginia during primaries, you have to tell them what party you are voting for as they have different machines for the republicans and for the democrats. In some states you have to state party affliation and that is how you vote. So that only can go so far. He got 60% of the vote.

Anonymous said...

Vic Rawl is well admired by democrats and republicans all over SC. Vic Rawl was in the SC National Guard for twenty-six years retired with the rank of Lt. Colonel. He was in private law practice for 13 years. He also worked as a criminal prosecutor and was elected to the South Carolina House of Representatives four times and served from 1977 to 1978 and from 1980-1986, for a total of eight years. From 1980 to 1986... See More Rawl worked on the State Reorganization Commission, S. C. Housing Authority, and S.C. Prison Overcrowding Project. He served on the Workers Compensation Commission from 1986 to 1990 and He served as a Circuit Court Judge from 1991-2003. He was elected to Charleston County Council in 2008. Watch the video...this guy is clearly a plant and got this far by republicans voting in the democrat primary.

Anonymous said...

In SC anyone can vote in any primary. Once you vote in a primary you can not vote in another parties runoff. You can vote for anyone in the general election. Does anyone see a problem here?

Anonymous said...

Greene does not have any chance against DeMint but Vic Rawl would have if this primary wasn't @*&%$# with. Watch the investigation!

Lipton T. Bagg said...

Noted and linked with usual gratitude:


LL said...

Anonymous seems to feel convinced that Vic Rawl (a good old boy) was the right person for the job. The voters, on the other hand, selected Greene -- perhaps because they didn't want a career politician. Rawl served in the SC National Guard and so did Greene, but Greene has a perspective as one of the little guys. Maybe that appealed to SC voters. I don't know - I'm not from South Carolina.

Greene is a pervert, which would seem to make him an ideal choice for the US Senate (he'd fit right in). He is a veteran and unlike obama, it's likely that Greene is a Natural Born US Citizen. That Greene would be a Democrat only makes perfect sense. And who knows but he'll be the next Democratic Party nominee for the presidency.

You could use the Democratic Party litmus test - designed to weed out those not destined for Congress. Ask Greene this one question: If we deployed a division of US Marines to Guam, would the island capsize? A Democrat would look at you in horror (Rep. Hank Johnson D-GA) and say "Oh, MY GOD, it will, it WILL capsize.

I have a feeling that Greene will answer the question the right way & assure his acceptance among the Democratic party leadership.

Just a conservative girl said...

I went and looked up the election results for that night. It doesn't make sense that republicans voted for Greene. The numbers don't add up.

There was 189K votes for the Governor Primary and only 173K votes for the senate primary on the democrat side

On the republican side there were 412K votes for the senate race, and 422K for Governor. Both parties had almost the same difference between Governor votes and senate votes. So it doesn't seem like that theory is going to hold up.

It is more likely that there was some sort of glitch with the ballots. Or just maybe even the democrats are sick of career politicans.

But thanks for the rules of your state.

Ron Russell said...

If elected he should fit in quite well with those in the Senate Democratic Caucas---he could easily hold his own with those fools.

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