Wednesday, June 23, 2010

McChrystal Out - Petraeus In

As expected, General McChrystal gave his letter of resignation today to President Obama.  The President has since announced that General Petraeus will be taking overseeing the theatre in Afghanistan. 

Petraeus has more than proven himself to be an excellent general and will give good guidance to the military men and women who are in harms way.  While I am still not convinced that McChrystal leaving is the best of ideas in the middle of a war, at least we have a very fine replacement. 

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The Conservative Lady said...

It's ironic that Obama turned to President Bush's general in charge of the surge, General Petraeus. This is the guy the Dems (including Hillary) called a liar back then.
Now the Lefties are falling all over themselves claiming that it's a brilliant decision by our great Leader Obama. So much for General "Betray Us".

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