Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ten Bucks Fridays - Vote Up Folks

This is becoming more and more popular as the days go on.  As you may know, Michele Bachman was last week's winner.  This week, I am going to have a hard time knowing who to vote for, as I nominated Star Parker.  Anyone that reads my blog regulary knows how much I love Allen West.  So there is the rub for me.  I love them both and both will make excellent members of Congress. 

Please feel free to pass this around and get as many people involved as you can.  Candidates need money to keep getting the word out.  As bloggers, we immerse ourselves in this everyday, but the majority of people do not. 

If you are not sure of who some of the candidates are, feel free to go over to Right Klik and he has links to all the candidates positions. 

In case you have not heard of this before, conservative bloggers vote on candidates that they feel need a money bomb, and every Friday a winner is selected and we ask that people send that candidate ten dollars or any amount that you can afford.  If you can't spare the money, please help by spreading the word around. 

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RightKlik said...

Thanks for this post.

We need all hands on deck! Bloggers, keep blogging, Tweeters keep tweeting; and everybody give what you can. Try to make a donation every week. Even small donations make a big difference, particularly when we work together.

The TBF enthusiasm is very encouraging. Thanks to everyone involved!

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