Friday, June 18, 2010

Alvin Greene on The Laura Ingraham Show

First, this man sounds high.  Second, this is going to fun election season with him in it. 


Opus #6 said...

Does he live in his mother's basement?

Just a conservative girl said...

Yes he does.

Anonymous said...

Alvin just keeps getting better and better.

LL said...

This sort of guy would make a great follow-up to the disastrous presidency of barack hussein obama. He snagged 60% of the Democratic Vote in the South Carolina Senatorial Primary and he should be considered one of the bright hopes for the future of the Party.

Consider that he's one of the few Democrats who is able to live within his means. Sure, he's domiciled in the basement of his mom's house, but he's not the sort of guy who will run up a lot of bills that he can't afford to pay. He has access to his father's car, so he has wheels.

I don't know what you all think, but the televised debate with Sen. Jim DeMint (a pesky Republican) may put the nails in DeMint's coffin.

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