Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Niiki Haley Wins the GOP Nomination in South Carolina

Nikki Haley won the runoff the GOP nomination to run for Governor in South Carolina.  This was a bare knuckled dirty campaign.  A blogger made accusations of an affair and much was made out of her conversion to Christianity 13 years ago. 

Nikki is a no nonsense conservative that could be a rising star in the GOP down the road.  She is a tea party favorite, too!!

South Carolina is a conservative leaning state, so she has a good chance of becoming the first female governor in that state.  She won the nomination with 65% of the vote.

Congrats to Nikki. 

For full coverage of the Nikki Haley saga, pop over to The Other McCain.  They have all the skinny. 


Opus #6 said...

Palin likes her, I hear. I hope she stays a staunch conservative and represents her constituents well after she's elected.

Just a conservative girl said...

She is in the state legislator and has a solid voting record of fiscal conservative values. So, I would think she will stay with that.

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