Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Most Hated Conservatives in America

10. Michele Bachmann

9. Bill O’Reilly (This I find very surprising.) 

8. Dick Cheney

7. The tea party patriot (The only surprise is that it isn't rated higher)

6. Michelle Malkin

5. Ann Coulter (This is because they don't get her sense of humor)

4. George W. Bush (Isn't time to let it go?)

3. Rush Limbaugh

2. Sarah Palin

… and at No. 1, Glenn Beck. (Shocker!!!)

One of the things about the hatred that the left has for Glenn Beck is the fact that they hardly if ever comment on the content of what he is saying.  I would like to see someone on the left break down what he says point by point and show how it isn't true.  I personally don't agree with everything he says, but when I have checked into the information independently, I have found his facts to check out. 

Is the reason he is more hated than Rush is because he uses a blackboard? 

I personally can say I really respect the majority of the people on this list.  I don't hate any of them, but there are one or two that I don't agree with all the time. 


Soloman said...

I saw this list highlighted on O'Reilly tonight.

Speaking of O'Reilly - why does his being #10 surprise you? Do you expect him to be higher up the list as in years past, or should he fall off the list since he's gone rather moderate as of late? Just curious.

I think he's still on the list pretty much due to a reputation more than his actual swagger in the current political climate... although I have noticed him ticking away from Obama as of late. I think Beck's getting through to him.

Regarding Beck - I agree, the left simply can not dissect his message and give a coherent counter-point. Sure they can pin an occasional blooper on him, and quite often they use his words against him - but as they do they take him way out of context.

But generally speaking he's way ahead of the curve in his predictions, he's personally been as fair as can be to Obama - at least since calling him a racist last summer - and he's dropped much of the partisanship in favor of an intensely traditional pro-American message that the leftists can't stand.

Right now Beck's driving them nuts because he's throwing the truth of revisionist history out there for all to see, and people are eating it up. That, plus the chalkboard, plus the fact that he's the "new guy."

Oh.. one last thing... when Rush went through his pill addiction he was already famous. It made him an easy target for the leftists, and they still use it against him to this day.

Beck had all his issues resolved before becoming successful and he puts it out there for all to see. Because of that they have a lot of trouble attacking him personally. That eats at them, because what the left does best is the personal attack.

Just a conservative girl said...

Good to have you back, you were missed.

I am surprised that O'Reilly is on the list at all. He is all over the map with his view points, he leans to the right, but I don't consider him a conservative bomb thrower compared to Michelle Malkin or Ann Coulter. I don't watch O'Reilly all that often, he tends to bore me. I watch some video clips of show, but I don't generally watch the show anymore. Personally, I would love to see Beck take his time slot. I may get to watch it more often. 5 is not a good time for me.

I also must disagree with you on Beck calling Obama a racist. He said that he felt that he has a problem with race. To me there is a difference. It may be splitting hairs, but there is a difference, even if it is slight.

I did not put this on the list, but I would think that Bachmann would be higher as well.

Opus #6 said...

Sorry to see my buddy Karl Rove and his white board did not make the list. Sniff.

Soloman said...

I understand and agree with you about your viewpoints on O'Reilly. I usually watch him, but if I miss him I don't sweat it, whereas I DVR Beck and watch his show faithfully. I find my views align with Beck a bit more than O'Reilly since Bill seemingly became an Obama fan last year. I am glad to see him beginning to wake up.

Regarding the Beck "racist" quote - he really did say exactly that. You can watch this whole clip for full context, or go to about 1:50, he says it shortly after that - at about 2:03.

I agree to a large measure with your thought - although he did literally call Obama a racist, he was making a broader point. But he said what he said, which is why there was such a huge boycott effort against him. That one statement stung the leftists deeply because Beck "called a spade a spade" and was pretty much correct, and in that moment largely took away their ability to throw that bomb at Conservatives.

Honestly, though - I don't have a problem with the fact that Back called Obama a racist. Just look at the issues we're learning about at the DOJ now, and look at the primary focus of "social justice." Like I said, I think he called Obama out and the leftists couldn't handle the truth.

I too believe Obama is a racist... and I just think those words were a bit to sharp for PC America to handle.

Anonymous said...

Poor Sean Hannity . . . where does he rate with liberals? Has he become so in-effective with his repeated ramblings he is no longer considered a threat to their agenda? He is a good guy but hasn't learned to shut up and let the bad guys expose themselves for who they truly are.

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