Thursday, June 17, 2010

What Took You So Long, Mr. President RNC Ad

I honestly have no problem with the President going on "vacation" because they are never not available.  He can do his job wherever he may happen to be.  The problem really is the rounds of golf, the singing of Hey Jude with Paul McCartney, going to the theatre to see play about Justice Marshall, raising money for candidates.  It just doesn't look good.  Image does matter. 

People have lost their livelyhoods, 11 people are dead, and he is playing golf. 

I personally feel that this is a lesson in the fact that the government cannot solve most of our problems, but he does need to look like he cares about what people are going through.  Jamming with McCartney not the best of ideas when you have yet to speak to BP. 


Opus #6 said...

He acts like a spoiled rock star.

Just a conservative girl said...

I think that is an apt description. I fully understand wanted to enjoy the perks that come with the job, but he takes it to a level that is unseemly.

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