Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Race Issues Continue at Holder's DOJ

The problems at Holder's Department of Justice continue.  This week alone we have seen the AG admit that he is criticizing a bill that he has not read, we also watched him trip all over himself to keep from admitting that the Times Square bomber was a radicalized Muslim.  Now we have a resignation from a career attorney from the voting rights section. 

His resignation was due to the handling of The Black Panther Party case of the investigation of voter intimidation on election day 2008.  We have all seen the pictures and video of the BPP members standing outside a voting precinct in Pennsylvania with a billy club.  At the end of the day all that happened was that they are not allowed to have a billy club outside a polling place until 2012.  Well, just in time for Obama's re-election. 

This resignation comes only a few short months after the transfer of another attorney Christopher Coates. During his going away party Mr. Coates made the following statement:

“The division’s focus under Mr. Obama is at risk of enforcing the Voting Rights Act in a racially biased fashion and is turning a blind eye whenever incidents arise that indicate that minority persons have acted improperly in voting matters.”

The time has long since come that Congress do it's job and investigate what is going on over at DOJ.  A copy of resignation letter is here.

H/T to Another Black Conservative for Holder Picture

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