Friday, May 14, 2010

Tim Burns Campaign Heating Up

Tim Burns, the republican that is running for the congressional seat that is open due to the sudden death of John Murtha got some help today; Senator Brown of MA joined him for a campaign rally.  The Burns campaign is making hay (pretty successfully, I may add) that his opponent Mark Critz is just another Washington insider. 

Critz actually has given them plenty of help on this; as he has had VP Biden stumping for him in another area of the state, he also has held several big fundraisers inside the beltway.  You see Critz, actually worked for Murtha for many, many years and basically is inside the beltway kind of guy.  With Hawaii becoming out of reach, the dems are putting everything they have into this race, and the polls are very close indeed. 

A Republican PAC has put out a commercial that is a spoof of the creepy PA tax ad

Stop by The Other McCain for photos and updates on the campaign rally today. 

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