Sunday, May 23, 2010

Beck Meets Tony Soprano

It seems that James Gandolfini is just as rude as Tony Soprano. 


Opus #6 said...

Sad for Beck's kids. I hope they will grow up and see, someday, all that their dad put on the line for our country. What we are going through is serious. As serious as perhaps the founding of the country, certainly as the civil war. I just watched a show and learned that the pamphleteers spoke out for a full 15 years before the revolutionary war. It took that long to change the hearts and minds of colonials. We and Beck are the new pamphleteers. This is no joke and some will attack even children, shame be on them. We must protect America for all the children, and protect our children through the battle.

Christopher said...

People should put brain in gear before putting their mouth in motion. One should think if they will need to apologise BEFORE uttering one syllable.

Thinking on this case however, I am sure Gandolfini did in fact know an apology would be necessary so in doing so afterwards it remains empty and meaningless.

brittany said...

Christopher and Opus....just wondering, what do u both think about the comments beck made about obamas kids??? Dont you think beck should have "put his brain in gear before putting his mouth in motion" or are you "sad for OBAMAS kids" regardless of what goes on in politics (thats all this is) the children should be left out of it. Beck himself said it to Sarah Palin and then turns around and mocks a 11-year old girl. Seems to me like the followers of beck lack their own mental capacity and look to him for all the answers.....maybe you all should try thinking for yourself. I'm just saying

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