Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's About Time - Finally Some Sanity on the Greek Bailout

It is about time that someone in our government has stood up and asked the question why we are using our tax dollars to bail out Greece.  Mike Pence finally asked that question.  A question that President Obama and his administration has been completely mum about. 

The Germans and The French are completely aware of the fact that they are the ones that should be on the hook to come up with the cash to bail out Greece. It is part of the agreement that was signed by all countries when converting their own currency over to the Euro.

People need to remember that in Greece, you retire at age 51 with 80% of your pay for a pension. Something that no nation can afford; you ask how long do they normally live? 

The average life expectancy in Greece?

Total population: 78.89 years
Male: 76.32 years
Female: 81.65 years (2003 est.)

The problem is that the citizens in both Germany and France are unwilling to bail out Greece.  The French look upon them as lazy.  How bad must things be if the French think you are lazy? 

H/T to The rightscoop


Teresa said...

Mike Pence is spot on! Thank goodness we have one representative standing up for the people and ask the right or tough questions.

Matt said...

I completely agree with your point on the French :) ---> I mean, it's the union-entitlement mentality that caused all of this to bubble up. When will our nation realize that many people from the U.S. are of the same type.

What will it take for more people to become active to save the country? The EU's inevitable demise?

Just a conservative girl said...

It is becoming crystal clear that Pence is making a run for the presidency. I saw him speak at CPAC a few months back. I was thinking then it was a coming out speech, I am sure that it on his radar now.

He may not get the nomination nor may he be the right person to do it, but he will liven up the primary that is for sure.

Just a conservative girl said...

I think more people are awake now than a few years ago. I mean people are going to reading groups on the founding fathers and the constitution. Go figure.

We just have to get people to vote based on the founders and then we will be back on the right track.

Thanks for the follow, I look forward to more comments.

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