Sunday, May 30, 2010

Introducing Liberty Central is the organization that was started by Ginni Thomas; wife of Justice Thomas.  You will find some great resources, such as, how contact your representatives, times and locations of town hall meetings, videos on limited government and more. 

Friday night I attended a get together, called Politics and Pizza.  We get together once a month and discuss aspects of the constitution and different topics that are top of the news.  The head of the group has been inspired to do this by Ginni Thomas.  And they have Herman Cain making the introduction, what can be better than that? 

We need to continue not only educate ourselves on the constitution, but we need to get others engaged as well.  Take a look at the website, I think you find the resources very helpful. 


Opus #6 said...

I love Herman Cain. Liberty Central sounds like a great place.

Just a conservative girl said...


I would love to see Herman get in the ring in 12. He will make things very interesting and would make a very good POTUS.

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