Friday, May 28, 2010

Portrait of a Jack Ass - Tavis Smiley

It constantly amazes me that progressive liberals cannot see the difference between crime and terrorism. 


Individualist said...

I am with her I disagree!

Individualist said...

Just a conservative girl

This link is to a story about a prosecutor in LAde City Flroida fired for speaking at TEA party events. She was told that as an advocate for the state she could not be part of a group against the state. The article above tells it all.

I understand if you wish to delete the comment my main goal is to inform you of this situation. I am really angry about this. I am in Jacksonville Florida so this is local to me. Please help spread the word as to what happened. Thanks - Indi

Just a conservative girl said...

I actually saw a little about this, but did not have time to read it. Thanks for the link so I can check it out.

I am sure that she can take this court and get her job back with pay that was lost. Tea parties are not against the state.

Opus #6 said...

Individualist, I read the story and tweeted it out on Twitter.

JACG, libs willfully misunderstand.

Conservative Pup said...

Thanks for posting this, I heard the audio yesterday on someone's radio program, and am glad to see the video. It shouldn't by now, but it still amazes me how liberals blatantly lie, without shame, without facts, and state something as if it is 'case closed.' I may call PBS and ask that they produce a special on 'Christian terrorism' with factual proof that what he says is true. We know that it isn't, but I wonder what they would say.

An unrelated question: do you come by my blog and comment? Someone with the user name of 'just a conservative girl' comments regularly on my blog, but isn't linked to your blog. Was wondering it that is you, or someone else.

You continue to do great work, thanks!

Just a conservative girl said...

yes I read your blog regulary. Let me know what they say. Although, they more than likely just say they are not responsible for his comments.

Victoria Watson said...

Amazing. I like how the guest is trying so hard to be polite to the host, but is clearly thinking to herself, "This guy's out of his freakin' mind!"

Victoria Watson

Just a conservative girl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I don't know if you know who she is. I can't remember her name of the top of my head, but this woman knows what she speaks.

She is the woman that was in the movie Submission that Theo Van Gogh made and was murdered over. She had to protection while she still lived in The Netherlands and once they stop giving her protection she moved to the US. She isn't just shooting off her mouth.

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