Monday, May 3, 2010

Conan on The Tonight Show and Leno - 60 Minutes Interview

I don't watch 60 minutes all that often, but I was very interested in seeing this interview. I am not a fan of either man, but I found the whole incident between the two to be very interesting.

I found Conan to be very honest and as forthcoming as he could under the circumstances of his contract.

H/T to Miami Herald


JKKSeeks said...

Were you ever a supporter of "drill baby drill"? If so, I'm curious what you think the government's role should (or shouldn't) be now that we've had this beautiful oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico...

Just a conservative girl said...

I do believe that we need to drill domestically. Ultimately it is up to BP to clean up and pay the damages. We will need some government involvement. But from what I read BP is actually better equipped with cleaning it than the government is.

It is very sad. But these types of accidents are rare. The U.S. has much stronger environmental protections in place than other countries do. Until we get to a point where we don't need oil anymore we are better off doing it ourselves than allowing countries like Nigeria and Venezula doing it. They do much more damage to the environment than we do. On top of that, it isn't exactly environmentaly sound to be shipping the oil half way around the world. There is no easy solution to this problem. We also should be using natural gas, it is better for the environment and we have tons of it. We can stop sending our money to countries who hate us and use portions of it to fund terrorism against us. I would love to stop sending money to Chavez.

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