Saturday, May 22, 2010

And We Wonder Why Our Government is so Screwed Up

Connecticut had it's nominating conventions last night.  Even after the truth has come out that Richard Blumenthal lied misspoke about serving in Vietnam, he will be the democratic nominee for the senate seat that opened up after the retirement of Chris Dodd.  This man has degraded the service of the people who not only served in Vietnam, but the thousands who died there. 

Having grown up in Connecticut, this really comes as no surprise. For those who think that this means that a republican will be able to take this seat, don't be a bit surprised if he wins.  Connecticut is typical New England state, they will lob off body parts before voting for a republican. 

When we even just contemplate electing a man who has no honor, we deserve what we get.


Opus #6 said...

I hope there are enough Republican areas that win to nullify this loser's vote.

Anonymous said...

Do the people of Connecticut have any hope that this man will play fair with them? Why would anyone vote for a poltician who lies about such an insignificant thing? I don't mean that serving in Vietnam is insignificant, but that he didn't have to say that he served there and no one would have cared. If he lies about the little things, what kind of whoppers will he tell about the big things? The people who vote for him deserve him. To the other good people of Connecticut, I'm sorry you're surrounded by so many unthinking nincompoops.

Just a conservative girl said...

No such luck for the republicans. The part of the CT that I grew up in is conservative, but the vast majority of the state are people who won't vote for a republican.

Although, I have a facebook friend who is very involved in the tea party movement and I was shocked when she told me what part of the state she was from, so I guess there is some hope.

I just am so shocked that their is no one else in CT to run. I realize it isn't that big of a state, but come on.

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