Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Alleged Bomber in Custody

The authorities have in custody an American citizen from Pakistani descent for the failed bombing attempt in Times Square over the weekend.  Shahzad Faisal  was picked up while he was trying to flee the country at JFK Airport.  He was headed to Dubai. 

Faisal is a 30 year old man who is from Connecticut.   It is interesting that he has waited two days before trying to leave the country.  He would have to known almost immediately that the bomb didn't go off.  So that leaves the question what type of help did he receive over the past two days and by whom.  It has always been a hallmark of al-Qaeda to have multiple attacks. 

We must give a big thank you to the NYPD and the FBI - they have done a great job getting this crazy man into custody.  We will be hearing much more on this in the days to come. 


Opus #6 said...

It is great that he was caught, if he is the bad guy. Pretty amazing in a country this big to catch the guy in a couple of days.

Just a conservative girl said...

Luckily, some of these guys are not so bright.

hometown guy said...

GREAT police work on this one by nypd and fbi!

and y'know, even if (heaven forbid) it went off - we've been through 9/11 already - new yorkers can't be terrorized that easily. we'd be sad for our losses, then flip those bastards the bird and move on with our lives.

Just a conservative girl said...

So are you saying that a terrorist attack isn't a big deal?

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