Monday, May 10, 2010

Kagan Nominated to the High Court

Elena Kagan has been nominated for the next justice on The Supreme Court according to the AP. Kagan, who may or may not be gay, if confirmed will be the youngest member of the court. No one will be able to say that she lacks qualifications. The woman has had an excellent education and a very impressive resume; including being the Dean of Harvard Law School. She has virtually no written record to scrutinize and publically her temperament is very even-keeled according to the people that she has worked with over the years.

The one down upside that I have found around the blogosphere is that the far left doesn’t seem to like her much. I think that may be because she has not been very open about her personal viewpoints, which can make one question how she really will vote. If you remember, when George H.W. Bush had his one chance at putting someone on the court, it didn’t quite work out as conservatives would have hoped.

I am not sure what exactly President Obama and Vice President Biden asked her during the interview process, but obviously they feel comfortable enough to nominate her. The one thing that I think that people should keep in mind is that time is running short on the far left trifecta that this administration has. The entire house is up for re-election in a few short months and they effectively will be gone after their August break, and one third of the Senate will also be running for re-election.

President Obama has not given up on Cap and Tax or Immigration “reform”; which will be nothing more than amnesty to the millions of illegal aliens in our midst. Picking someone who is considered to be more middle of the road and easily confirmable is saying to me that is exactly what he is planning on doing, as they are fully aware that once January comes along, they will not be able to get much done for the next two years. Even if the Republicans don’t get control of the house, the overwhelming majority will be gone, and the senate will also be, at least, more evenly divided. This of course will force Obama to be more willing to accept Republican/Conservative ideas in order to get anything done. Not something he has been willing to do much of up until this point. Ultimately, the woman will get confirmed. There is no way that Graham will vote against her. Her level of education and her resume will make him feel that she is well qualified and he will vote for to confirm her. The republicans will, of course, still need to question her with vigor, but they must ask themselves if it will be worth slamming her so close to election day. I think that should be saved for the rest of the President’s agenda this summer. I fully expect the President to get as much done as he can for the rest of this summer while he still can. 


Joaquin said...

Wow! John Lovitz got nominated to The Court!

commoncents said...

We are all over this on Common Cents...

ps. Link Exchange???

Sparky said...

Careful, I think Common Cents is a troll? I've seen him/her at other blogs with vague responses.

Concerning Kagan, I can almost guarantee that this one is a Far Left Progressive liberal deviant. Since so many lib's are losing in the polls and the coming elections, I see what Comrade Zero is doing now. He's trying to stack the deck with the Court so that he may continue his "fundamentally transform(ing) the United States" mantra without votes.

Just a conservative girl said...

That is a possibility, but I don't see how anyone can know for sure. I think much of it is the fact that Obama nominated her. I have read quite a bit over the past weekend on her, and from what people who know her and are conservatives say she is fair. Is she a liberal, yes. Is she a far left progessive, there is no way to know at this point.

I also think from the bunch that were on the short list, she was the best of the bunch. I would take her over Diane anytime. She is a far left progessive, of that there is no doubt.

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