Thursday, May 6, 2010

Paging The ACLU - School Field Trips Based On Skin Color - Reason # 10,839 Why Conservatives Homeschool

In Ann Arbor, Michigan the school system is trying to bridge the racial divide in the test scores. While on the surface that sounds all well and good, it is how they have decided to go about it that is so disturbing. The fifth graders had a field trip to meet with a black astronaut. Sounds great, right? The problem is only the black students were invited.

That’s right, if you didn’t have the right skin color you were excluded from this field trip. What is even more frightening is how it is being defended by the school system.

“In hindsight, this field trip could have been approached and arranged in a better way," Madison wrote. "But as I reflect upon the look of excitement, enthusiasm and energy that I saw in these children’s eyes as they stood in the presence of a renowned African American rocket scientist in a very successful position, it gave the kids an opportunity to see this type of achievement is possible for even them.”

“I also think it’s important that you know that I have talked to the children who did not go on the field trip, and I think they have a better understanding of the purpose of the AA Lunch Bunch now, as I hope you do. I’m sorry if any kids were upset by the field trip or my discussion afterwards with them, and I have let them know that.

“The intent of our field trip was not to segregate or exclude students as has been reported, but rather to address the societal issues, roadblocks and challenges that our African American children will face as they pursue a successful academic education here in our community.”

 He is saying that is not trying to exclude anyone, but they seem to have a group named the AA Lunch Bunch.  I guess the AA means African American, so that in and of itself shows that he is trying to exclude.  AA Lunch Bunch is a group based on the tone of your skin. 

Also, the fact that he is saying “even them” is frightening. This is the continued logic that the black community cannot possibly succeed without the help of others. I don’t know the history of the astronaut that they were introduced to, and I am sure that somewhere along the line affirmative action was a help to this man, but all the affirmative action legislation in the world cannot help someone succeed at this level. This man is where he is because he worked hard and he is obviously a smart man. There is no way around that. The only person who can take advantage of opportunities that come your way is you.

The other children that were not allowed to go on the field trip were then given a lesson on racial discrimination by the same man who is sticking up for this discrimination. A Middle Eastern child pointed out to principal that she has also has experienced discrimination, but the children told their parents that this little girl was belittled for bringing up this very valid point.

Parents have lodged complaints, but have been afraid to do so using their names as they feel their children will then be somehow punished. That says everything that you need to know about what is going on in this school. Sadly, the even at the district level this is being defended.

District spokeswoman Liz Margolis said after the trip was over, those who went returned to their fifth-grade class and were greeted by boos by those who didn’t go on the trip. Margolis said Madison, who is black, heard the boos, and went to talk to the class. She said he and the class had a “discussion” about race issues.

“He wasn’t yelling at them. He was very passionate about it,” Margolis said.

My question is where is the ACLU? The crickets are chirping. Yet one more reason to homeschool. 

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Soloman said...

Only because this happened in Ann Arbor, which is essentially a suburb of Detroit, can I believe this even took place.

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