Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Differing Views of Israel's Flotilla Raid

There is no doubt that there are strong anti-Israeli views all around the world.  Anti-Semitic feelings are on the rise around Europe once again.  In Malmo Sweden, most of the Jews have been driven out of their homes. 

I always find it fascinating to get the world view on large news events. 

Here is a little taste of what the world is saying:

The French:

Al Jazeera English:

CNN International:

Fox News All-Star Panel:

It almost seems that they are not talking about the same incident. 

Here is the video released by the IDF

I lived in Israel many years ago.  Where I lived Israeli's and Arabs lived in peace, maybe not best friends, but neighborly.  Sadly, that is no longer case even there.  I went to the outskirts of Gaza while I was there, as an American it wasn't really advisable to walk freely around, but I did see how they lived; it wasn't pretty.  The solution to this problem will not come until people make the decision that they have had enough death.  Both sides must want peace, and currently that just isn't the case. 

There was a reporter from al Jazeera on the Flotilla.  I am unable to find a video of the Israeli's boarding from them. 


Teresa said...

Thank you for posting the world news roundup of opinions on the flotilla incident. I wish that both countries would be working toward peace, but that isn't the case. I am not even sure that a two-state solution is possible- Maybe peacefully(withut terrorism), but not economically feasible?

That's neato, that you lived in Israel. That must have been an interesting experience.

Anonymous said...

Dear Conservative Girl,
I enjoyed your post. It was fair and non-bias: a rarity in the ubiquitous coverage of this crisis. In that light, the video below tries to do much the same thing--it uses coverage from multiple sources to try to tell the complete story:


I think it's relevant to your post. Would you consider embedding it there?

Thanks so much for your time,
Ryan Kresse

Anonymous said...

it is so sad that americans are blind and can only hear their jewish friends and their continued lies. Wake up you sleepy ignorant people and be part of the world. Why would world news report and analyse the situation different than you american.

Just a conservative girl said...

Because much of the world is anti-semitic. You can sugar coat it all you like, but you cannot change the facts that Jews were driven out of their homes in Sweden. If you can't see that, you are the one that is ignorant.

Hamas is a terrorist organization. They want to destroy Israel. That is just a fact. Israel is not perfect, but if they don't actively work to protect themselves they would be murdered in the streets. If Hamas stops sending bombs into Israeli cities, the Israeli's will leave them alone. They Jordanians and the Egyptians are proof of that. Egypt and Jordan have left Israel alone and Israel have done nothing to them. Those ships were purposely sent to cause problems, they were told days in advance that they couldn't break the blockade, they have already sent more ships. They are stirring the pot.

Mohamed said...

These people in the Republican party are not conservatives. They are zionist(Neocons). They support and worship Leon Trotsky. Thats why they are so supportive of Israel. Hamas never attacked America so why are they bothered with it? Because they are zionist. These zionist took over the Republican party during Reagan days. Now they have full control.

Ron Paul for President

Opus #6 said...

Israel has a right to defend herself. Israel has MY SUPPORT.

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