Thursday, June 3, 2010

Come as You Are - McDonalds Foree into Political Correctness

This is playing on French TV.  Is there some sort of connection between Big Macs and Homosexuality that I am not aware of?  Or is this is just one more corporation that is jumping on the political correctness bandwagon?  I don't think I want some food chain giving me social commentary. 


Opus #6 said...

This ad won't play well in France's Sharia courts. They better watch it.

The Conservative Lady said...

Ridiculous and will probably turn off more people than it "turns on". Why would homosexuals think this is a good commercial...their sexuality is being used to sell hamburgers???

Anonymous said...

Maybe because gays are human beings with money and McD's does all manner of targeted ads. I would hazard a guess that people like you and Bill O'. simply don't notice the millions of food ads targeting businessmen, working mothers, kids, teens, seniors, hockey enthusiasts, movie goers, sports fans, families, and yes -- gasp! -- ads that exploit people's sexuality to sell a product. Hamburgers or otherwise. Stop the presses. These types of ads are SO ubiquitous but the gay one stands out to you so on because there's no concerted effort to deny those people (business people, hockey moms, etc) their rights. Targeted advertising is extremely effective.

McD's targets consumers with money to spend -- teens who are either not homophobic or who are queer themselves & parents who want to connect with their kids. It's relationship marketing 101 -- not some politically correct statement. Only the ignorant would see it through such a prism.

Just a conservative girl said...

I have a degree in marketing and worked in targeting marketing for a very long time. For it to be effective their needs to be a relationship between the product and the targeted person, or create and illusion that relationship exists. There is no relationship between homosexuality and hamburgers.

This is all about political correctness.

Are gay people not served in restaurants in France? I think the answer to that question is no. So the relationship doesn't exist.

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