Sunday, January 16, 2011

Does The New York Times Still Want to Say Reading the Constitution was a Waste of Time? Elected Officials fail Quiz on Constitution

Well, the really sad state of this poll says that it really wasn't.  It doesn't breakdown what offices these people hold, while that matters, it is still very scary that how badly they did. 

But those elected officials who took the test scored an average 5 percentage points lower than the national average (49 percent vs. 54 percent), with ordinary citizens outscoring these elected officials on each constitutional question. Examples:

•Only 49 percent of elected officials could name all three branches of government, compared with 50 percent of the general public.

•Only 46 percent knew that Congress, not the president, has the power to declare war -- 54 percent of the general public knows that.

•Just 15 percent answered correctly that the phrase "wall of separation" appears in Thomas Jefferson's letters -- not in the U.S. Constitution -- compared with 19 percent of the general public.

•And only 57 percent of those who've held elective office know what the Electoral College does, while 66 percent of the public got that answer right. (Of elected officials, 20 percent thought the Electoral College was a school for "training those aspiring for higher political office.")
Does the left want to rethink the jokes that they are making about Bachmann arranging lectures on the Constitution?  Seems to me they are sorely needed. 

You can take the quiz yourself and see how you do.  I got 100% correct. 
H/T Jill


Kid said...

Not surprising, but Jumpin Catfish....

These are important aspects, not obscure details.

The Griper said...

the only argument i would have with that quiz is #7 and it is a trivial argument. it doesn't "explicitly" forbid the establishment of a State Religion it "implicitly does.

tho like you i scored a 100% also.

Just a conservative girl said...

Jumpin Catfish? I have never heard that before. It is cute.

Kid said...

:) I made it up trying to use a bit less profanity.

Quite Rightly said...

Does the NY Times still want to say reading the Constitution was a waste of time?

I say: Of course they do. Nothing is more frightening to a socialist than the Constitution of the United States, except rubes like the American people knowing what it says.

Just a conservative girl said...

you are too funny QR.

hometown guy said...

100% for this libera... er, socialist.

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