Monday, May 16, 2011

Herman Cain Interviewed by PJTV The Outsider with Uncommon Sense


Right Truth said...

I have not heard anything negative about Cain and so far I would proudly vote for him. A reader at Right Truth left this message:

"I want Cain gone next. His connections to the Fed are beyond scary. He basically gets his marching orders from the same people who control Obama."

I have not heard anything.

Right Truth

Just a conservative girl said...

Then you have not spoken to any Paul fans. They can't stand him because of his connection to The Fed. They look at The Fed as an evil organization and anyone connected to it as the same. He also supported TARP and will not back down from that support.

I had dinner with some tea party activists last night and they had quite few negative things to say about Cain as well. Much of which made sense to me. The biggest worry is the staff that he surrounds himself with. They also felt he couldn't get too far without coming up with some plans on foreign policy. He has fair share of distractors. But, I personally feel he is a principled man.

Frank Koza said...

Hmmm, well, I support Paul, but I surely can't say that I can't stand Cain. I can't even say I can't stand Obama. I get a lot of flack from conservatives for saying I think Obama was what this country needed at this time, and no, I didn't vote for him or McCain. He was the best thing because he shows that there is so little difference between the parties and that both are beholden to corporations and special interests at the expense of our individual freedoms.

I'm fairly sure Cain is a good and decent man, but I'm very sure that not much will change with him in charge either.

totustuus said...

Herman Cain can win Iowa even if Bachman steps in i don't see how 2nd in Iowa would help Cain but it wouldn't do too much damage.
I'm not changing candidates.will stick with Cain.He's got strong support.It makes a difference.

totustuus said...

The Ronulans (aks Palistinians)have been spreading a lot of negative stuff about Cain and saying the t-party doesn't support him.That's just dead wrong. Know your enemies.
They are relentless on Twitter and don't mind doing dirty tricks if they think it will help Ron Paul. they wil even pretend to MAYBE support Cain just to put in a slam.They did this to Gov Huckabee back in 2008 so i'm not just saying this.I'm not buying the whisper campaign some of these ppl are doing to Cain.Like i said:KNOW YOUR ENEMIES. The more support he gets the worse this will get.I'm keeping my eye on the ball.

Just a conservative girl said...

I don't see how coming in second would hurt him. He doesn't need to win Iowa, he just needs a strong showing to give him momentum. I don't think Bachmann can go much beyond SC, so a strong second in Iowa would put Cain in a very strong position.

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