Saturday, May 28, 2011

Quote of the Day - Meghan McCain

No. I’m in, like, dating Babylon. Like, I go on dates with men and, literally, like Sarah Palin will come up in like the first 20 minutes, and that doesn’t put me in the mood. Like, talking about Sarah Palin. And they just want to know gossip, and I’m just kind of taking a little hiatus from dating right now, because I just don’t want to talk about Sarah Palin.

Meghan McCain speaking with Jay Leno on her love life. 

I can't imagine why, you have missed too many opportunties to slam Palin in the past.   


Deekaman said...

Yet here she is talking about Sarah Palin.

I'm thinking she's got a girl crush.

The Conservative Lady said...

Like, Meghan McCain is like, you know, an idiot.

The Constitutional Crusader said...

My own post on this is much better at explaining how much I despise this sorry excuse for a hot chick.

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