Monday, May 23, 2011

Cain Follows Up on Misstep with Hannity

Cain was scheduled to be on The Hannity Show anyway, but it gave him the chance to get out in front of his missteps yesterday.  He needs to bone up on foreign policy if he wants his candidacy to move along.  I personally don't have a problem with someone saying I would rather have all the information before I make a promise I can't keep.  But I don't think that is the popular opinion.  It seems to me that people would rather that politicians make something up.  Obama said he was going to do all these things about the wars, and has done none of them.  That is because once he got all the information he realized he couldn't do what he promised. 


The Conservative Lady said...

Well, at least he was honest about it. That's refreshing.

LL said...

It's not about pulling an Obama and making things up. It's about understanding what is at stake when you step into the White House. He might be able to clean it up through some diligent study -- but the voting public wants a candidate who speaks with some degree of authority based on experience. We've had the inexperienced guy in office far too long.

The Constitutional Crusader said...

I've got to agree with the two above comments. Herman's answer was far from a "non answer" as several other bloggers have called it. Saying "I don't know enough to make that decision" is a mark of humility, something that the current president SORELY lacks. Besides, his stance on Israel is anything but wishy washy.

RightKlik said...

Herman's gotta get his act together ASAP. Crash course in foreign policy NOW.

And if you're running for office, you have to confabulate from time to time. It's not dishonest. You just can't know everything. Voters expect leaders to project confidence at all times. Give a fuzzy answer and fill in the details later. But don't make it obvious that you have no idea what you're talking about.

That's a fundamental skill. I hope Cain sharpens that skill very quickly.

Anonymous said...

What a breath of fresh air to see a candidate be honest! Cain gets my vote!Give me a guy who doesn't know what Right of Return is and admits it rather than a guy who lies and acts like he does! Herman Cain 2012!

Soloman said...

I was very impressed by Cain's humility during the Hannity interview.

He clearly recognizes that fake answers from politicians who claim to "know-it-all" will not cut it with an electorate that is tired of.. well, fake answers from politicians who claim to "know-it-all."

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