Monday, May 23, 2011

Herman, Please Hire Some Foreign Policy Experts

This was ugly.  There is no other way to word it.  I think it is pretty obvious that I support Mr. Cain, but he cannot expect to be president with performances like this.  This is not fatal, but it does need to be worked on.  It is obvious that he had no idea what Right to Return was nor did he know that Israel will never agree to it.  He has time to fix this, but this is what his competitors are going to use to make him look bad. 

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LL said...

I know that you're a Cain fan and how can you not like the guy? But this is an example of a man who has all of the best of intentions without the EXPERIENCE to be President.

He does need to have an opinion on Afghanistan.

He needs to understand Israel and its neighbors.

He needs to understand Latin America and he needs a more solid grip on China.

His approach to ending the financial crisis on Fox News Sunday was WEAK.

I'm sure that the Obama team are not worried about him. Maybe he can get a cabinet position in the next administration and spend some time in Washington to get seasoned. I mean no offense to Mr. Cain or to his supporters.

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