Monday, May 30, 2011

Tea Party Caucus Vs. Progressive Caucus West and Edwards on Fox News Sunday

Talk about diverging views:


Deekaman said...

This whole idea that tax cuts "need to be paid for" is absurd. And "tax cuts for the wealthy"...that whole idea is absurd as well. When nearly 50% of the population doesn't pay any Federal income tax (and many get a "refund" anyway), who do they think would get any tax cut?

"Wars that have not been paid for"? How about entitlement programs that haven't been paid for? And West was correct to point out that Clinton had a Republican Congress. During the 2 years of a Democrat Congress, there was no spending restraint. He should have pressed that point harder.

The Griper said...

another thing, the democrats want to raise taxes in order to increase revenues. that presumes one false premise and that is that income declared by the rich will be the same as they declare now.

and we also know that any tax increase on the rich will just be passed along to the middle class as well as the poor by the rich.

that is what needs to be instilled into the minds of the people so that the democrats cannot give an "divide and conquer" form of argument.

Deekaman said...

The other part of the "increase revenue" part is the inability of Congress to use that money to pay down the debt, rather spend for entitlement programs. This is why they need to go on a diet. It is just like using a raise to buy new car one does not need instead of paying off the credit card.

LL said...

There are VOLUNTARY revenue ideas such as pushing savings bonds again and bringing the debt home from China that might work to turn the minds of the American people back to the problem. The Dems resist because they don't want anyone to think that there is a problem. Which is why the US Senate isn't proposing a budget - it allows them to criticize the Republicans while doing nothing, themselves.

Before we do anything else, we need to get a handle on spending. Increasing the debt limit reminds us that we haven't done that. NOTHING will work until we can fix that problem.

Kid said...

I saw this on your site and was going to watch today, but my conservative friends told me at lunch they watched part of it and their heads almost exploded. I don't need that. I'm just going to assume we have a grownup trying to talk to a 3 year old once again.

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