Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bibi Knows How to Deal with Hecklers

I have read on a few places that the heckler being removed is further proof of Israel's "crimes and hate".  I have been in the those seats, there are signs before you are seated that clearly state that you are not able to make noise.  You will be removed.  Nothing would have stopped this woman from standing outside with signs and protesting all she likes.  Rules apply to everyone, even the Israel haters. 

I just love Bibi. 


Opus #6 said...

We cross-posted this vid at exactly the same time. Great minds think alike.

Z said...

Ya, Bebe know how to handle hecklers; too bad our guards can't.
He's a very good guy but I feel like he's giving in a LOT and can't think any more than you or I do that "if we give in to a Palestinian State, they'll leave Israel alone, Muslims will LIKE Jews then!" (I wish)

Anonymous said...

The "Israel hater" heckler lady is actually a Jewish Israeli.

Did you also love when Bibi said 9/11 was good for his country?

Ron Paul 2012!

Just a conservative girl said...

Actually she is an American Jew, not Isaeli.

Since it seems that you are an Alex Jones fan (as he is the person who reported that story). As such you probably don't believe that al Qaeda did 9/11. So what difference does it make to you what he thinks. Chances are, you hate Israel just as much as the Code Pink lady.

Ron Paul fans have interesting bed fellows.

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