Monday, May 9, 2011

Has Sarah Palin Already Decided Not to Run for POTUS

There is some interesting tidbits that would leave one to guess that Gov. Palin has already decided not to seek the GOP nomination for President. 

1. Fox News has given Gov. Huckabee until the end of this month to give them a decision on a possible run.  No such release has been made about Gov. Palin.  Although Fox News is now denying this report. 

2. During last week's Fox News GOP debate towards the end they asked the debaters about the possible candidates that did not attend the debate.  They asked about Michele Bachmann, Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, and Newt Gingrich.  They did not ask about Sarah Palin.  Since Fox employs the Gov. I can't see how media bias towards her could be used the reasoning. 

Has she told them at Fox News privately that she will not be running? 

Today, I read this story about Bristol Palin.  She and her two year old son will be moving back to Los Angeles and moving in with her former Dancing with the Stars co-star Kyle Massey and his brother Chris for a ten episode reality series for the BIO channel.  The series will revolve around her life while she is taking a job working with a so far unnamed charity and raising her son.  Why exactly the Massey brothers will be their roommates was not made clear.  The series is set to begin airing at the end of the year.  The episodes will then air for 10 weeks which puts the airing smack dab at the beginning of the primary process. I am not sure how voters will feel about voting for the mother of a reality tv star.  It may be a real turn off to some voters. 

If I had to make a guess, this would mean that Gov. Palin has decided not to run.  But Palin has never followed the convention method, so who knows. 

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