Sunday, May 15, 2011

Herman Cain Talking with Georgia GOP Delegates


The Conservative Lady said...

He's right. The Hispanic and Black voters need the right messenger to present the conservative viewpoint.
I like Herman Cain a lot. The only thing that I've heard negative is that he doesn't have too much to say about foreign policy (Afghanistan war). His reasoning is that he is not privy to the details of the situation, so he can't make an informed decision. I agree with Mr. Cain. It's smart of him not to say too much on it because the MSM will throw it up in his face throughout the campaign if it turns out to be wrong. I wish him well.

The Griper said...

have to say the man does have charisma even if he doesn't have name recognition yet. and he does have a way with words. it would be a pleasure to see a debate between him and Obama.

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