Thursday, May 5, 2011

History Will be Kinder to President Bush

I have always maintained that history would be much kinder to President Bush then the press and country was during his presidency. One of the most pointed thing in his legacy is the fact that President Obama has kept much of the apparatus on the war on terror in place after taking office, much to the chagrin of his left base and totally against the then candidate Obama. Candidate Obama thought it would be easy to try KSM in New York. Candidate Obama thought he could close Gitmo in a matter of months. Candidate Obama never would have admitted to keeping rendition in place. Candidate Obama would never have admitted to increasing the drone program into Pakistan. Candidate Obama never would have added more troops to Afghanistan. President Obama has done all of these things. Many of them were done kicking and screaming, but some have been done because once president he realizes that the responsibility is different. Once president he had access to security information that had been denied to him previously. Once president he was forced to realize that the American people are not as far left as he is. They had some say in terms of bringing KSM to U.S. soil for a show trial.

Since the death of UBL we have seen a great deal of media attention put back on the tragedies of 9/11. Time Magazine actually went back and looked up the kids who were being read to when Andy Card leaned over and whispered to President that America was under terrorist attack. Remember the uproar the left had when President Bush didn’t leap out of his chair and run out of the room? Remember the jokes and the ridicule? Remember the left dismissing the claims of President Bush that he was worried about upsetting the children? Turns out he was right, at least according to the kids present in that room. The kids are all teenagers now, and they tell a very different story of that morning and of a president who tried to remain calm. They say that him staying in the room was the right thing to do, as they could see from his expression something had upset him. Being small children they of course wondered if they had done something wrong and know that if he had run out of the room it would have been more upsetting to them, as at that age the carnage of that day was nothing something that they were not prepared for and could not comprehend.

It is well worth the read. History will be kinder to President Bush.


Kid said...

To your history comment, I agree.

To the point about GWBs reaction, I have more problems with this relative to the reaction of the liberal children than I have with many many things that have occurred since.
- What was GWB supposed to do? Run out to an airport, hop into an F-15 and fly around looking for terrorists?
- The entire complaint is founded in the liberal childlike mind that has Zero understanding of how a mature chain of command works. Obviously GWB knew of the possibility. Obviously, mechanisms were put in place for the Entire Administration to act according to a PREset plan of action.
Liberals have no concept of a mature chain of command, OR a preset plan of action because these tow things have Never been a part of their ChildLike lives.

I remember going back and forth with some of these children on the Net at the time. They had No Idea what GWB should have done, they were just Sure he had to do SOMETHING other than just remain there doing his job while his administration did theirs.

This is what we're dealing with. And the children have been in charge for a couple years now and the results are clear.

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Assuming we win this Third World War we are in (and don't kid yourself...we ARE at war with Islam. And not just radical Islam. We are in a cultural war with all but the most secular of Islam), history will not only be kind to Bush, but he will be as revered as Washington and Lincoln are today. The memory of Obama will be like that of oh, John Tyler (who was, unlike The Chosen One, actually a hero, but not well remembered as President).

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