Sunday, May 8, 2011

Because Nothing Says Happy Mother's Day like Abortion

At least that is what one can conclude from Nanny Pelosi's latest fundraising email. 

Your actions today can make a difference for many of the women in your life — whether it is for a friend, your sister, your wife, your daughter, or yourself — all I ask is that you act.

My strategists tell me that we are $53,241 short of our new goal of $200,000 for our Rapid Response campaign to hold House Republicans accountable for their divisive and radical agenda.

Contribute $3 or more right now so we can get hard-hitting Rapid Response ads up holding Republican extremists in Congress accountable for their radical assault on women’s health care and reproductive freedom.

House Republicans should be working to help put Americans back to work, not waging an outrageous war against millions of women and their private health decisions.

Let us never allow the health of American women to come under attack. Let us stand together to expand care, not limit it.
I guess not even Mother's Day is off limits to push the abortion agenda.  How is this woman still allowed to accept communion at her Church?  My understand is that she does attend Mass at her local Catholic church. 


Opus #6 said...

This type of fundraising effort belongs on anti-mother's day.

The Griper said...

attending mass and taking of communion are two separate acts.

Just a conservative girl said...

Yes, it is. But one must attend mass to get communion, most of the time anyway.

Pelosi accepted communion at a mass that the Pope gave. He didn't personally give her communion, but he was in the room. Therefore, I dont.think it is a stretch to assume that the Church would give her communion where ever she happens to attend.

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