Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's Official - Herman Cain for President

I had an amazing day in Atlanta today.  I wanted to watch Herman make history today, so I got in my car and drove to Atlanta for the day.  It was well worth it.  His announcement was very much like a tea party and family outing.  We had entertainment, prayer, song, and Herman.  What more can one ask for? 

I called someone today that I had given an envelope to more than a year ago.  I asked him to open it and read it.  It said, remember the name Herman Cain, he will be running for president in 12.  Herman is a very dynamic man. 

God Bless America. 


Teresa said...

I'm happy that Herman Cain is running for President. Great video!

RightKlik said...

Wow. That's a long drive for you, right? Glad you could be there.

Just a conservative girl said...

Yeah, it is a long drive. Almost 11 hours. But it was worth it. We had a really good time. We had a few little ones with us. It really was a family/kid friendly event. They had a great time. They got their faces painted, had all kinds of sweets, ran around and danced. They had a blast. One of my friends has a sister on our way home, so we are staying there for the night.

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