Monday, May 2, 2011

Thank You President Bush

People gathered outside of the house of President Bush last night after the news of bin Laden's death to say "Thank You". 

President Bush put the apparatus in place that allowed it to happen. 

I dare the left to say otherwise.


Deekaman said...

"I dare the Left to say otherwise."

They are already saying otherwise. In their desperation to make Obama look strong on defense for 2012, they are claiming it as His victory (caps intended). This will eventually backfire on them and him. He is only following the policies set forth by President Bush for which they wanted to impeach.

Kid said...

Absolutely, the key was the informant held at Gitmo who told us about osammi's courier. If it was up to the Senator Obama, Gitmo wouldn't have been open for business.

That's as plain as it can be said I think.

Kid said...

PS - obama's failure to include George Bush in the the list of those who played a major part in osammi's death shows an incredible lack of class and taste. Yea, I know Shocka.

RightKlik said...

Obama hindered the apparatus with his dithering. He just happened to be at the right place at the right time. Hesitantly, he did the right thing. Hurray for BHO.

Anonymous said...

f u prisident pussy

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