Monday, May 30, 2011

Questions for the President Part 2

I have some additional questions that I would like to ask President Obama:

Why do you believe that United States has the right to say what Israel's borders should be? Don't you think they have a much better feel for what their defense needs are then we do?

When Netanyahu was talking to the press in the oval office during a press availability, the camera panned over to your face. It looked like you had nothing but contempt for him. Is that true, and if so, why?

You have recently hired a Director of Progressive Media and Online Response. It would seem that this position is set up to do opposition research for your upcoming re-election campaign. Isn't that something that should be paid for by the DNC or your campaign and not the American taxpayers?

After the death of bin Laden, you said you didn't want to release the photos because Americans don't need to "spike the football". You and your administration then went out and talked about it in length and more detail than I personally felt was necessary. How would releasing the photos be spiking the football more than you already were. (I am against releasing the photos by the way).

Many people in the democratic party made a very big deal of the Seal Six team while President Bush was still in office. Some went as far to call them Cheney's murder squad. Do you find that to be hypocritical now that your party is lauding their accomplishment, or were they simply wrong when they said these things?

Come to find out, bin Laden was wearing only underwear (therefore making a suicide belt very unlikely) when the seals entered his bedroom and was unarmed. Was the mission always a shoot to kill? If so, was that done so you wouldn't have to make the choice of where to jail him and how to try him?

During the memorial service in Missouri after the damage from the tornado people in the audience were yelling "We Love You". Wasn't that inappropriate for the venue? If so, why did you say I love you back? This was meant to be a solemn service was it not?

Were you surprised at the reaction to your call for Israel to return to 1967 borders? Did you backtrack on that once you realized that you could end up losing financial support from the Jewish population?

Do you really believe that we can wait to make changes to entitlement programs? If not, what are you waiting for?

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